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Apache was nettled.

Yylfordt, in Apache's opinion, was being a monumental jackass. Granted, she accepted that she probably shouldn't have needled him about his loss to Kadaj while he was still being a pissy little bitch about it, but he acted as though being beaten by him was something to be ashamed of, which apparently it wasn't, so she wasn't the only one who thought he shouldn't have come off worse. Yylfordt thought it himself.

Yylfordt was just petty. When things didn't go his way he took it out on other people and, to make things worse, he took them out on them in Al Bhed, which was just rude when half the room didn't speak it and less than that spoke it as fluently as he did. He just pissed her off when he acted like a baby.

She liked Tayuya's idea of getting out of the palace. It was a good idea. She hadn't gotten out since the Midgar mission. The rest of them had, but they'd elected to leave her behind, as usual, probably at Yylfordt's behest, she thought, so she was due a break. She needed a break. If Tayuya managed to convince Nel, or even Halibel, that a girl-only trip out was worth it, she'd be happy. She needed to be away from the palace's sausagefest for at least a night or she was at risk of getting testosterone poisoning.

As such, she stomped away from the Sunhouse and to the kitchen, with Tayuya. When they got there she was relieved to see that it was entirely free of the usual suspects who haunted it. Nnoitra was nowhere to be seen, Szayel was gone for once, luckily for him, and neither Even nor Luppi were around either. Apache threw herself into a chair with a scowl on her face.

If Nel said no, she was going to murder that blonde-haired Granz bastard in his sleep.

Date: 2016-01-30 09:29 pm (UTC)
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Tayuya followed her friend, silent until they arrived in the kitchen. If either of them said anything, it would probably be a stream of profanity, or vivid fantasies about all the ways you could flay Yylfordt's dick. It was better to remain silent, and seething, until they got into the kitchen.

There, mercifully, the only occupant was Nel. This was unusual because normally the occupants were Nnoitra, who had nowhere better to go, Szayel, who only pretended to have something better to do, Luppi, who didn't even pretend to have anything better to do, and Even, who was still building somewhere better to go.

Nel looked round at them as they entered, clearly mildly curious at their obvious huff, and Tayuya glanced at Nel, and then at Apache, who threw herself into a chair, and said, "He's just a fucking dickhead."

Date: 2016-01-30 09:37 pm (UTC)
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Nel glanced up at the approaching temper, and saw Tayuya and Apache stomp into her kitchen. Nel had endured a long day of doing the same housewifey crap she always tended to do in the Palace, partly because there was little else to do and partly because most of the Palace's occupants were men and men just didn't seem to see mess the same way she did.

From the look on Apache and Tayuya's faces, someone in possession of a penis had upset them, badly. Further examination showed Apache seemed to be the more injured party, which meant the offender was more likely the second of the two possibilities.

She had been about to make herself a cup of tea, but this might be a situation that called for a bottle of wine. She also had a box of chocolates tucked away somewhere the boys would never look. When Nel wanted to hide things in the kitchen, she hid it with the cleaning supplies. The boys would probably wash dishes, eventually, but if one of them ever broke out the mop without being asked, Nel might faint.

"Go on," she said, "what's Yylfordt done now?"

Date: 2016-01-31 11:13 pm (UTC)
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"It's his time of the fucking month," Tayuya spat.

She wasn't the offended party, but Yylfordt had been generally offensive, and Tayuya felt like showing some solidarity with Apache. It helped that it was easy to be angry with Yylfordt. He tended to be a racist prick, and he used Al Bhed to hide how much of a twat he was being, which meant he knew he was being a twat.

"Seriously Nel, he's a pissy bitch."

Date: 2016-01-31 11:18 pm (UTC)
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Nel nodded, as if she'd only had her suspicions confirmed. That definitely sounded like Yylfordt. Part of her wondered if and when he'd ever get around to asking Apache out; he was too quick to deny wanting to for Nel to believe him. The other part of her wondered if Apache would castrate him before he ever did, and thus render the proposition moot. There was no point dating someone who couldn't do after date things.

"He's sensitive," Nel said. "Male egos are very, very delicate." She said this like someone who knew it all too well gently explaining something to someone new to the information. "They bruise easily."

Date: 2016-02-01 12:06 am (UTC)
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"Oh dear," Nel said, to herself. Clearly it was bad if that was how angry Apache was feeling.

Nel was used to Yylfordt. When they'd first met, he'd been tripped over his tongue around her, despite his self proclaimed preference for Al Bhed girls. She was used to him being a bit of a prick. Usually, she could snap him out of it with a look, but that kind of thing took time and practice.

She retrieved the chocolates from their hiding place and put them on the table, within easy reach of Apache. "I think this calls for more than tea," she said, amiably.

Date: 2016-02-01 12:08 am (UTC)
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Tayuya nodded, folding her arms to look at Nel. "I think it calls for a girl's night," she said. "Somewhere away from here."

If they stayed, and drank alcohol, there was an increasingly large chance Yylfordt might not survive the night. Tayuya would be happy to hold him down while Apache pummeled.

"Apache agrees with me," she added, helpfully. She knew how to ask for what she wanted.

Date: 2016-02-01 04:10 pm (UTC)
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Nel paused, and screwed her face up, making a hesitant noise.

Would Aizen let them out for a night on the tiles? Except that wasn't really the question, the question was whether Aizen, given his Arrancar's history of finding trouble every time they step outside of the Palace, allow Apache in a bad mood outside of the Palace in search of alcohol, with Tayuya in tow?

She hissed through her teeth. "I can ask," she said, finally, "but he might take some persuading."

Lots of persuading, if Aizen had recent exploits in mind. Though she could point out that Apache had yet to be embroiled in Grimmjow and company's outside world spats, and was more likely to cause trouble if confined to the Palace for the night than if she was allowed out. Under Nel's supervision, of course.

"I might ask Halibel if she'll come, first," she murmured. Then at least she could tell Aizen that Apache and Tayuya would have two sensible high ranked Espada babysitting them.

Date: 2016-02-01 04:13 pm (UTC)
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"Well," Tayuya said, very reasonably, "if he says no, then we'll have to hit the booze here, and I'm not sure he wants us drunk and angry in the same building as Yylfordt."

Something was liable to happen, and it wouldn't be the same as if Apache got drunk and was simply in Yylfordt's presence. That might have a happier outcome, although Apache would probably be mortified the next day because Yylfordt wouldn't have had to crawl to her.

As it was, he'd be lucky to keep his dick overnight.

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Nel murmured, thoughtfully, smirking at Apache. "I might try and downplay the bit where you're itching for a fight," she told her.

She was right, though. Halibel hadn't been out since Midgar, and although Halibel was the sort that would never let on if she was bored, or feeling caged, she might appreciate a night out to let her hair down. It wasn't as if there were many options to pique her interests in the Palace, anyway, so getting out for some eye candy would do her some good. You couldn't live in work mode all the time.

She opened the box of chocolates and picked one out at random; she wasn't too fussy about what she got. "I'll go and see if Halibel would even want to come," a phrase which meant 'convince Halibel to come whether she'd want to or not', "then I'll speak Aizen. No promises, though," she warned, before popping the chocolate into her mouth and flashing a brief smile at the other two before she turned to leave.

Date: 2016-02-01 11:06 pm (UTC)
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Tayuya watched Nel go before she moved forward and picked up the lid to the box of chocolates, examining the contents to find one that wasn't gross.

She picked out a strawberry cream and put it in her mouth before she looked at Apache. "I don't care if she has to suck Aizen's dick to convince him," she said, around a mouthful of chocolate and strawberry flavouring, "so long as he says yes."

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Aizen had said yes.

It hadn't been a simple task to ask him. He'd needed convincing as she'd expected he would, and he'd been wary even then. The assurance that both she and Halibel would be there, that the girls would behave themselves, and that Nel would bring everyone straight back home if trouble began had gone a long way.

They'd picked a city to party in that wasn't Rabanastre. Rabanastre, convenient as it was for this kind of thing, was home to The Order, and Akatsuki, and any number of others that might recognise them. They could do without being recognised on a night out.

Halibel had been happy to come too, although she'd expressed doubt that Aizen would let them. She'd agreed in principle, and then, when Aizen had said yes, had seemed roughly as enthusiastic about going out for the night as she might be about getting an ingrown toenail fixed. Nel was fairly sure she'd perk up once they were out, however.

It had felt good to get ready for a night out, though. Nel had forgotten just how long it had been. A full face of make up, and doing her hair, and picking clothes and shoes was the sort of thing she hadn't even realised she'd missed. There was something normal about it that had been absent from their lives as Arrancar.

She was killing time in the kitchen, waiting for the others to finish applying their war paint, and drinking a very small glass of wine. Well, something about the outfit made mere tea seem wrong. She might be flying them out there, but they'd be staying overnight so she could really have fun, and a small glass of wine now wasn't going to affect her flying ability.

Date: 2016-02-02 05:03 pm (UTC)
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Even, following his discussion with Kadaj, had sat and thought about it for a while. It didn't seem like a bad idea, but he would have to think about lesson plans, techniques for both "classes" and learning materials. It could be interesting, teaching a native magic endemic to his world, when he had had to learn it from scratch himself.


After a while, he had decided that more tea was in order. He had used the last of the water in his kettle just after Kadaj had left, so he made his way to the kitchen to sit and have a cup here.

He did not expect to see what he saw in the kitchen. Nel was, of course, a staple of the group that tended to lurk there, but she usually wore a lot more. Even couldn't help but notice that there was rather a lot more of her on show, including her rather ample -- he averted his eyes, but not before a less than subtle glance in that direction.

"Going somewhere nice?" He asked, making his way over to the kettle.

Date: 2016-02-02 05:17 pm (UTC)
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Nel looked up as someone entered the kitchen, and smiled when she saw Even.

Had he just--?

She grinned brightly. He had. Well, the outfit was doing its job then, not that Nel's girls needed help causing a distraction. Still, there had been a perception that Even, in a relationship with the berserker as he had been, was more of a Szayel than a Grimmjow, as it were.

Apparently not. Not to avert his eyes so obviously, anyway.

She murmured cheerfully before replying to his question, "Girl's night out," she said, by way of answer. "Would you like a glass of wine?" She asked, raising her own small glass of white as she made the offer. Well, it was a shame to drink alone if there was someone else there.

Date: 2016-02-02 05:33 pm (UTC)
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Even, who had flicked the kettle on as she answered the question, paused, and then flicked it off again at the offer of a glass of wine. Well, why not?

"Yes, I think I will," he said, turning to the table. "Thank you."

He wondered who the other girls attending the girl's night out were. He couldn't think of many female occupants of the palace. It was rather one-sided when it came to gender distribution. There was the Arrancar with heterochromia, Grimmjow's aggressive girlfriend, a dark-skinned Al Bhed he had only seen a couple of times and a younger, green-haired girl, to his recollection.

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Nel smiled, and put her glass down to walk to the cupboard and retrieve a glass for Even. Her heels made a clicking sound on the stone floor as she walked, and it had been long enough since she'd last worn heels that she wasn't used to the height it gave her.

She click, clicked to the fridge, retrieving the bottle of wine, which she'd barely made a dent in on her own, and poured a glass for Even. "Cheers," she said, handing him the glass, and retrieving her own.

"Yylfordt took getting beaten by Kadaj this morning quite badly," she said, beginning to tell Even how a girl's night had come about so unexpectedly, "and he's upset Tayuya and Apache, so Halibel and I are getting them out of here for the night." She wished, sometimes, that there were more women in the Palace. They were distinctly outnumbered by male members.

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"Ahh," Even said, understanding, and took the glass from Nel. "Cheers."

He had never understood how women could walk in heels, or why they'd want to, but he did understand that it was not his place to comment on this, especially as a man who stood six feet and three inches tall in his bare feet.

"Mmmn," he murmured, halfway through his first sip of wine. He made a small, approving noise and sat down at the table. "Is that to make them feel better, or to increase Yylfordt's projected life expectancy?"

He didn't know either Apache or Tayuya very well, but what he did know was that both of them were the type of young women that he mentally categorised in the same drawer as Larxene.

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Nel actually smirked at Even's question. He was getting familiar with personalities at play, then.

"A little from column a, a little from column b," she answered. "He will insist on upsetting a ninja and an Arrancar, he has his brother's skill at picking his enemies." Talking their way into trouble seemed to be a shared Granz trait. It did make you wonder about their parents.

She shrugged, "But I won't pretend I'm not looking forward to getting away for a night," she added, with a smile. "I've been here for two years and this is the first night out we've had."

That sounded awful, when she thought about it. They weren't prisoners, but they definitely didn't get enough away-from-the-Palace downtime, and she got out more than some of the others did.

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"That sounds dreadful," he said, sipping his wine again. It wasn't too bad.

He was quite happy to be holed up in a building for the majority of the time, if he thought about it. He'd gone from castle to castle to castle until reaching Spira and it had only been his stint going between Rabanastre and Lindblum and staying in normal houses or apartments that had been his foray into normal life. He was fully prepared to embrace his habit of staying indoors for the majority of his time once his laboratories were up and running.

Even so, he rather hoped that his joining Khamja voluntarily would afford him some freedom. He did need to get out and collect things every now and again.

"Still," he said, brightly. "Yylfordt's apparent lack of self-preservation instinct is your gain, on this occasion."

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"It is, isn't it?" Nel replied, brightly. She took a sip of her wine and settled herself in a chair at the table. The chair felt much further down than she was used to, too. A couple of glasses of wine would make her forget about her footwear, however.

Although she had to admit that the odds of her carrying her shoes and walking barefoot by the end of the night were higher than usual.

"I'll have to start arranging nights out more often," she said, and then gave Even a cheeky look and a wink. "I'll have to get you out for the night at some point."

Now she'd seen him check out her cleavage she wanted to see what else he'd reveal of his preferences after a few drinks.

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"Ohh," he said, frowning slightly and wrinkling his nose. "I don't know. I'm not one for nights out."

That was putting it mildly. The most time Even had ever spent in a pub of any sort was the long days spent in the Sandsea and that was only because that was where the Order made their base.

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