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Apache was nettled.

Yylfordt, in Apache's opinion, was being a monumental jackass. Granted, she accepted that she probably shouldn't have needled him about his loss to Kadaj while he was still being a pissy little bitch about it, but he acted as though being beaten by him was something to be ashamed of, which apparently it wasn't, so she wasn't the only one who thought he shouldn't have come off worse. Yylfordt thought it himself.

Yylfordt was just petty. When things didn't go his way he took it out on other people and, to make things worse, he took them out on them in Al Bhed, which was just rude when half the room didn't speak it and less than that spoke it as fluently as he did. He just pissed her off when he acted like a baby.

She liked Tayuya's idea of getting out of the palace. It was a good idea. She hadn't gotten out since the Midgar mission. The rest of them had, but they'd elected to leave her behind, as usual, probably at Yylfordt's behest, she thought, so she was due a break. She needed a break. If Tayuya managed to convince Nel, or even Halibel, that a girl-only trip out was worth it, she'd be happy. She needed to be away from the palace's sausagefest for at least a night or she was at risk of getting testosterone poisoning.

As such, she stomped away from the Sunhouse and to the kitchen, with Tayuya. When they got there she was relieved to see that it was entirely free of the usual suspects who haunted it. Nnoitra was nowhere to be seen, Szayel was gone for once, luckily for him, and neither Even nor Luppi were around either. Apache threw herself into a chair with a scowl on her face.

If Nel said no, she was going to murder that blonde-haired Granz bastard in his sleep.
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