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The weather in the underground training facility had been set to 'overcast'. Kadaj wasn't sure where, exactly, it was currently overcast, but the air had a touch of damp to it that threatened rain in its future, with the hint of chill on the breeze to match. It would be just fine for sparring; no one had to deal with sun glare, and it wouldn't get stuffy as they moved about.

Kadaj had politely asked Apache a second time, once the dust had settled from the first time it had been brought up. Yylfordt had been written off as an unsalvageable idiot, which, when Grimmjow had later told Kadaj that Yylfordt had only just noticed Apache's eyes, was an assessment even Kadaj had to agree with. The girls had gone out, let their hair down, and by all accounts they'd managed not to destroy anywhere in the process. Tayuya had returned looking badly hungover, but happy enough. She didn't remember most of the night, but she'd been in a good enough mood to get Kadaj the paper tags and ink he needed for Even, and hungover enough not to bother asking questions about why he wanted them.

Kadaj had given them to Even that day, giving the scientist time to get his facilities in order. Despite all the reasons Kadaj knew he shouldn't like Even, he found that he did. He listened, which was something Kadaj had little experience with, but he was also in a slightly precarious position right now. Even was new to the clan, and he wasn't anyone's prisoner or subject, which meant he didn't get that protection. He was probably, Kadaj thought, in a similar boat to himself; better allied with someone else's subordinates than with his fellow members, finding himself unable to trust the members he was allied with, and unsure of forging new ones. Even had a lot to offer, but how much would he be willing to let himself be used in order to protect himself?

Kadaj knew how that felt, and he found himself liking Even. It was an odd and tentative alliance they'd formed but it seemed to be working, so far. Kadaj just had to hope that Even wouldn't try and sell him out further down the line and trade Kadaj in for a stronger ally.

He'd left it a few days before he'd gone to butter Apache up, and then he'd made sure to do it when Yylfordt wasn't around to start winding her up again. Kadaj wasn't supposed to hit Yylfordt outside of sparring, and the temptation would be too high.

Now, stood in the training facility, under a grey sky, with Souba in hand, Kadaj was starting to wonder just how hard he was about to get his backside kicked. Yylfordt was big, and strong, and slow. Apache, conversely, looked like she fought a bit more like Kadaj himself. They had an audience, too, although Kadaj had frowned when Tayuya had parked herself on the sidelines with a big grin on her face. She was probably here to watch him get his butt kicked.

"You want to start released," he said, looking at Apache, and trying to ignore Tayuya's presence, "or warm up first?" Technically, Kadaj was able to take on a stronger Arrancar released already, so he shouldn't have a problem with Apache. Letting her decide how high a level she wanted to take the sparring sounded fair. Realistically, however, Kadaj expected he'd get bounced going up against an unknown quantity of an Arrancar coming at him full force.
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