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Magic training was going better than reading, so far. Even had told him that was only because magic training had tangible results, whereas reading wasn't something that you couldn't do and then suddenly could. Kadaj had lost his temper with a book, once, shoving it away as if it had personally insulted him and telling Even he was just incapable and this was stupid.

Even had been calmer about it than Kadaj had expected, but he also hadn't let him give up. Instead Even had taken him to what he now thought of as the magic training room and let him work on his base level spells. Wind was still giving him trouble, but his ice spells had come along well, and his earth and fire spells had actually become pretty good. The good thing about training with magic was that it forced Kadaj to get a grip on his temper; when he was tired or frustrated his casting became weak and sloppy, like his chakra control, so he'd had to learn to regain that focus when he'd lost it.

Then Even had asked him to explain what it was that he was finding difficult about the specific part he was trying to read, and 'I don't know' and 'It's just stupid' wasn't an acceptable answer. Following the words with his finger hadn't helped, so Even had covered up everything except the line he was trying to read with blank paper, and that had made it easier for Kadaj to focus on the words he needed to read.

He'd tried to refrain from losing his temper since, but Kadaj got the feeling that Even had figured out how to tell he was getting frustrated before he got to the point of taking it out on the book. Reading was now bookended with magic practice, and broken with it if needed.

Kadaj still wouldn't say the reading was going well. He still had to read aloud, tracing his finger along words, or covering up the rest of the page if he was really struggling, but it was more than he could do before. He just didn't like that he was still struggling along like that, rather than sitting back, holding a book in his lap, and reading in silence. He might never be able to do that, and he'd have to come to terms with that.

They'd stopped reading for today, thankfully. Kadaj was open with his relief about that. He'd gone to Even for his help, but he found reading practice more exhausting than magic practice, and infinitely more frustrating. It was only the fact that he'd gone to Even for help that kept him coming back. They'd put the books away, and then gone to the magic training room, which had been warded and protected so that the rest of the Palace wouldn't be able to tell what was going on in there, in addition to the protections Even had put in place in the rest of his lab.

Kadaj stood in the usual place, one hand resting on Souba, and glad of the change of scenery. He was hoping to start moving on to the next level spells, now that he had the first level ones down for, well, almost all of the elements.
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