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It had been a bit weird, at first, having Even and Nel aboard the Ragnarok. Tayuya had been her cheerful self about sharing a confined space with a Ryoka, but she hadn't been actively hostile, at least. Nel did her part to keep tempers down to a gentle simmer, and Tayuya had kept her word and helped Even find stuff for his laboratory, even if it had been with visible grudging.

It hadn't been quite as straightforward as Yylfordt had hoped it would be. Orochimaru, it turned out, had been about as keen on getting all of his stuff from one place as any other member of Khamja, but more than one of the vendors had recognised Tayuya, and at least one of them had recognised Kadaj too. That recognition seemed to have gone a long way, because there weren't any awkward questions about what they wanted things for, or how they knew where to come. Tayuya hadn't been lying when she'd said they were good at discreet. Yylfordt got the strong impression this was because at least some of the shit they were vending was highly illegal. He spotted at least one restraining device that was definitely built to restrain a licensed species, tucked away to one side as they carted one of Even's purchases away and to the Ragnarok.

Even had also been good enough to get them a coffee machine, which had been a pretty good gesture of gratitude, and Yylfordt had stopped by one of the Al Bhed supply shops afterwards so he could hook the machine up to a power source in the Palace.

It was in the Al Bhed quarter that Kadaj had spotted a Mark posting for a Fiend. The kid had made a pretty solid living offing Hollows for money while he'd been gone, but his main interest, he'd said, was that some of his zanpakuato's abilities weren't really good to use when sparring. Geostigma was status effect based, after all, and Kadaj liked his friends too much to hit them with it. Yylfordt, who had been hit by a status effect when they'd run into the berserker and his fire elemental friend last time, was silently grateful for that.

The mark was supposed to be over in the Vile Peaks and Bresha area of the Wildlands, and had sent some Al Bhed party fleeing with their tails between their legs when they'd tried to explore the Vile Peaks. Yylfordt's eyes had practically lit up when he'd found that part out. The Peaks were less explored than the top of Gagazet, where they'd found the Ragnarok, and for similar reasons. It was hard to get to, dangerous as hell, and even harder to get out of. He'd heard of exploration parties going there and never coming back.

This one had, barely, but not all of them had made it, and they'd limped back to Home. The bill was posted in a few Al Bhed areas, apparently, but no one had taken it up yet, and the Gotei Squad in Bancour had more important things to do and places to patrol than the area around the Vile Peaks and Bresha.

Kadaj had asked if the others wouldn't mind doing a stop off. It had taken a lot of self control for Yylfordt to refrain from jumping up and down behind him, delightedly backing him up. He'd love to get into the Peaks, especially before another exploration party got there, and with four Arrancar, a ninja, a zanpakuto wielder, and a Ryoka in tow, there wouldn't be much there that could chase them off.

He nearly regretted his enthusiasm on the approach to the Peaks. Nearly. The journey was dangerous; the area was full of Jagd, which the Ragnarok could fly through, but it still made for a hairy ride when some of Yylfordt's own work on the ship ceased to function. He didn't strictly need proximity sensors and the like to fly, of course, but they were nice to have, and being without them made him fly that bit more carefully.

Bresha was below them, in all its creepy crystallised glory. It was funny how knowing a lake had been crystallised who even knew how long ago was different to seeing it spread out below the ship, Mist obscuring the view in places. The bill poster thought the Hollow might be centred on Bresha, because it had come from that direction, but that kind of thing was hard to say for sure. On the other hand, taking a bunch of high reiatsu people into the area might draw the Hollow out anyway.

He found a spot to park, concentrating too much on flying to chatter away or marvel at the scenery. He only relaxed once the Ragnarok was settled securely on the ground. That was when he looked around at the view beyond the cockpit and whistled. "Drec bmyla ec faent," he muttered, before he turned to his passengers. "Wouldn't wanna get stuck out here, bro."

It was pretty, sure, but eerie as shit, too.
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