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It had been a long day.

Marluxia had settled Lumi back in his rooms with instructions to rest. Then Lumi could consider the logistics of taking a bath without soaking his dressings, and getting something to eat. Marluxia, meanwhile, had retreated to take a hot shower and sleep himself. It had been a long and uncomfortable night in the infirmary. Szayel hadn't equipped it with overnight visitors in mind, or at least, not ones that weren't patients. If Marluxia thought more of Szayel, he'd wonder if that had been a deliberate choice.

As it was, he put it down to a combination of thoughtlessness, and the type of patients Szayel expected to treat in Khamja.

He'd slept for a couple of hours. Not enough to feel rested, but enough to function through the day until tonight. He'd gone out to attend to his garden with a cup of coffee in hand, ignoring the looks from certain of the Arrancar, and dipped the cannula with traces of Lumi's blood in it into some fertiliser, before feeding it to one of the Malboros. Anyone who wanted it badly enough to retrieve it after that probably deserved whatever they got, and whatever they got would be a mauling from a very angry Malboro.

Once his plants had been attended to, Marluxia went to find Vexen. He went by Even in the Palace, of course, but some habits were hard to break, and much as Marluxia still thought of Ienzo as Zexion, he continued to think of Even as Vexen. Perhaps he was marginally less histrionic than Vexen, the introduction of a heart had changed a few of them in small ways, but he was, to Marluxia at least, still fundamentally Vexen.

He'd done well to choose a laboratory that was at the furthest reaches of the Palace. It was so far at the furthest reaches that prior to Vexen's finding the rooms and turning them into a small laboratory complex, no one had known of them. If Marluxia's estimation was right, the corridor turned into Vexen's laboratory complex somewhere in the approximate region of his own greenhouses, affording Vexen protection from traditional, and non-traditional entry. Anyone trying to break in through the gardens would have to get past the highly territorial Malboros guards, first.

He had a small bundle of papers with him, representing all that he'd managed to retrieve from the house before Xigbar's untimely arrival.

He knocked on the door, suspecting that his reiatsu signature would have already alerted Vexen to his approach. The place was thick with Vexen's reiatsu, though, curiously, if Marluxia paid attention, there was a hint of Kadaj down here, too.
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