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The heat of Rabanastre's day was still cresting when Xigbar arrived at the Sandsea. It never quite got as hot and dry inside the city as beyond the walls, out in the desert, but it could still get fairly unbearable, which was why the early afternoons were good times to retreat indoors. Especially if indoors was somewhere with air conditioning and fridged beer, like the Sandsea was. Afternoons were good business, and the Thirteenth Order had, for now, taken over the running of the place in light of Tomaj's extended and unannounced absence.

He was probably dead, at least in Xigbar's view. The landlord of the Sandsea got to hear all the gossip from a lot of the clans. All it would take would be for someone to want him to unhear something. It was a good location though, and while the lawyers and family did their bit, Xigbar had given a couple of people a nudge, and for now the pub was staying open and under the temporary management of Tomaj's employees. Or rather, under the temporary management of Saix and himself, and technically Demyx even if Demyx didn't do any of the actual management bit.

Saix was like an old hand at the job. Delegating tasks, acquisitioning supplies, and managing rotas was second nature to the dude that had basically served as Xemnas's secretary anyway - because Xemnas would have been blowed if he was doing it, and Xigbar had more important shit to do like earwig at Xemnas's doors. He even looked happy while he worked. Xigbar came in, dressed as casually as was decent in Rabanastre, a land where tiny bolero vests and not much else on teenage boys was the fashion, and parked his ass at the bar. He gave a polite nod to the Squad Three Captain, who Xigbar liked to keep around with the 'free first drink of the day for Gotei Squad members' rule (nothing gave a pub the air of totally-not-a-hive-of-scum-and-villainy-honest like Thirteen Protection Squad Captains drinking there, even if the Captain in question was Gin Ichimaru, and he was, in Xigbar's humbly professional opinion, as bent as a bottle of chips), and seated himself a bit further down the bar, near Axel.

A glance around told Xigbar that a few of the old Organization were lurking today. Lexaeus, completely lost without Zexion, and now Vexen, was spending more time around Xaldin. Larxene stuck with her Jahsinist buddy from Akatsuki these days, but she might be interested in what Marluxia had been up to, too. He didn't see Demyx, but was he was probably skiving off somewhere, since he didn't, currently, see Saix either, even though he knew Saix was on shift today.

He waited, and was glad to see Saix wasn't long in coming out from the cellars, carrying three stacked crates of beers for the fridge. He looked nothing like he ever had in the Organization; hair tied off his face in a messy ponytail, white shirt that wasn't buttoned all the way up, and an easy smile on his face like he was enjoying his day.

Well, Xigbar was about to ruin that.

He gave a short whistle at Saix to get his attention, tilting his chin up briefly to indicate he should come over. "Mine's a beer," he pointed his thumb towards Axel, "and whatever he's having. You're gonna wanna get yourself one, too."
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