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For an ad-hoc set up, it wasn't a bad one.

The underground training facility wasn't actually an endless expanse of desert reminiscent of Bikanel sands, it just looked like it. There were tricks of the layout at play that meant that while it was possible to walk for days down here, if one really wanted to, you would only actually be walking in an, admittedly large, circle.

Szayel had commandeered a corner of it and had a lab set up. It wasn't technically a mobile laboratory, and he had no intention of having it removed later, but it also wasn't the advanced machinery he'd have preferred to have in place. It would be sufficient for most of them, however.

Wonderweiss had tamed a beast beyond Kuja's abilities. It was astounding, and Szayel was sure that Aizen had been very impressed, and not at all smug the next time he'd seen Kuja. It had, however, raised an issue for Szayel.

His data on the power levels of a lot of the Arrancar was becoming outdated. They'd learned new skills, gained experience, lost battles and won others since the last time most of them had been tested. While their ranks may be judged primarily on reiatsu levels, they were influenced by their control over it, and for some of them, such as Wonderweiss, that had improved.

Szayel didn't foresee any sudden mobility in the ranks, though he couldn't rule that possibility out, but he couldn't abide having outdated data on the Arrancar.

He didn't have laboratories here capable of withstanding the full force of most of them. The infirmary was exactly that, first and foremost, and his private lab was too small for this kind of thing, so he'd requested a set up in the training facility, and been granted it. Aizen's inevitable good mood courtesy of Wonderweiss was probably to blame.

Stark was, of course, exempt from the trials. If he unleashed his power, he'd break the equipment,, and that was beside the fact that the only real challenger to Stark was Aizen himself, or perhaps Gin, neither of whom would be participating. This also meant that Halibel got an exemption by default, since her only challenger was Nel, whom she sparred regularly anyway, and besides, Szayel had other plans for Nel today.

She was there, though. Watching. She wasn't the only one. Szayel had been forced to bite a bullet and ask an outside observer to referee, and for that, he'd been told to ask Even. Szayel objected to Ryoka learning too much about the Arrancar, especially Ryoka scientists, but choices were limited, and Szayel wasn't in Draklor to call on other scientists.

Besides which, Grimmjow and his little band of reprobates respected Even, and Neliel liked him, for whatever reason. He'd already seen the power of some, too. He might not actually have much to learn today.

He looked Even over, and glanced behind him at the assembled throng of permitted onlookers and subjects for today before he turned his attention back to Even. "Of course, if you're busy, I'll understand." It was an offering. Even didn't have to be present if he didn't want. Szayel would just find some other way to monitor proceedings.

Normally he'd use Ulquiorra, and esamine his footage later for readings, which was less precise, but effective enough. Unfortunately, he wouldn't be able to do that now since Ulquiorra was one of the subjects.
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