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Winter rarely snuck up on places. Summer turned to autumn, with the acceptably warm days and pleasantly cool nights, and slowly it got darker and chillier, and wetter until the rain turned to snow. You knew winter was coming, because it crept in like it was late for class.

Except in the Desert Palace, where the weather could be tuned to whatever the residents preferred at a whim, on account of the weather machine. Marluxia, who claimed dominion over the gardens in an unofficial but nonetheless authoritative manner, had insisted on an autumn environment for a time. Few had complained; autumn had meant the trees that fruited had borne fruit, and they'd been able to move between locations to give themselves pleasant, cooler weather for as long as possible. They only knew a few locations for definite on the machine, but they were able to access a wide enough variety of climates and weather patterns that suggested the machine could give them weather from all around Spira, including, though Marluxia had vehemently disagreed with the suggestion, the possibility of eternal summer.

When the settings that had been giving them autumn were clearly starting to become unpleasantly wintery themselves, they changed the settings back to the old faithful one they'd used for winter before. Which meant that everyone in the Palace woke up to a six inch blanket of snow that was growing steadily deeper as large flakes of icy fluff showered down from the sky. The sky was white, and eerily bright. The Malboros in the garden still tracked their usual paths, but they did so with a growing dusting of snow on their heads, and their tentacular roots lost to view.

Inside the Palace, the Warsend decorations had been brought out of storage. It would, however, take a few hours to make the inside look as seasonal as the outside, and require volunteers to do so.
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