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The Eremite plains were a vast expanse of scrub and sand, populated by beasts that were larger than their brethren in other locations, but still, for the most part, knew better than to attack something that felt like Ulquiorra. He travelled with his hands in his pockets, and his mask out, the half helm sitting on top of his head and the presence of the Hollow's chakra mingling with his own seemingly enough to ward off all but the most confident of monsters.

Or perhaps it was Ienzo-san that they avoided. Regardless, the effect was the same. Their journey on foot had been largely unmolested.

They'd made numerous journeys now, as a pair. Enough that their coupling could almost be described as comfortable. Ulquiorra wasn't companionable company by anyone's standards, or by any stretch, but he was at least content enough in Ienzo's presence.

More than content in Ienzo's presence. Ulquiorra hadn't expended any energy examining his thoughts on that matter. They were strange, illogical thoughts, and they rose unbidden at inopportune times. Ulquiorra did what he did with all illogical nonsense the world thought to present to him, and he dismissed it from his notice, and put it where he kept everything else that made him think ridiculous, illogical things, at the back of his mind, buried deep below the waves in his head, and proceeded to ignore its existence.

There was a faint green light in the far distance of his inner world, not enough to see by but enough to make out the outlines for the first time Ulquiorra could remember. He didn't spend any time pondering the meaning of that, either.

There was a Research Facility here in the Wildlands of Bancour, and that was their goal. He'd travelled as Ienzo-san's bodyguard to a number of locations, all of them of interest to a researcher such as himself. Alchemy was his skill, his class, but it wasn't his only concern. Ienzo-san would as happily study history as language as alchemy. He was doing well with Nabradian, his grasp of Old Rozarrian having come along far enough that he could converse in it, now, and the latter language served as a springboard for the former.

They'd come as close as they could to the Research Facility through a Garganta. The difficulty was that it was a poor mode of travel for a terrain one wasn't familiar with. Space was twisted where one travelled through them, and it was possible to come out high in the air, or under water, or deep in the heart of caves that never led to the surface if one didn't know exactly where to open the other end.

So they walked. Ulquiorra walked with his hands in his pockets and his eyes on the terrain. There was a tinge in the air, on the edge of his senses, a suggestion of something, but it was a sense that had grown no stronger or weaker as they moved. Ulquiorra had put it down to the background noise, as it were, of the locale. His sword hung at his left, and he kept Ienzo-san on his right. The air was dry, and warm, but not unbearable.

He turned his head when something new flickered in his senses, a chakra signature reaching his attention. It wasn't close, but it was there. The beasts thus far had ignored or avoided them, but that was no guarantee that every one of them would. He tracked it in his mental map of his senses, observing it for coming closer. For now, it didn't seem to be making a move. A chocobo eater, perhaps, or one of their more unpleasant cousins the earth eater. There was nothing here that Ulquiorra expected to present a problem for him if he was required to dispatch it.
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